Brief History Of Motorcycles

Since 1885, Germany a world invented by Daimler's first since the gasoline engine-powered motorcycle, motorcycle

Development of tow truck has gone through more than 100 years of vicissitudes.

The original motorcycle, now in Germany the real shape of the Museum of science and technology in Munich, on August 29, 1885 German Daimler patents the world's first motorcycle.

Limited to the more than 100 years ago, when the gasoline engine is still at the low level of childish condition, vehicle manufacturing technologies for carriage at that time, original modern motorcycle and motorcycle in the shape, structure, and properties are very different. The original motorcycle's frame is made of wood. Seen from the wood, is a Carpenter and processed, wheels are made of wood, wheel outer layer covered with a Tin, below the frame number is a square wooden box, placed on the engine, wooden frame had a small support roller on each side, which was still dumping.