HONDA Car Production And Scale Ranked Among The World's Top Ten Automobile Manufacturers

Honda Co., Ltd. is the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer, car production and scale also ranked among the world's top ten automobile manufacturers. Founded in 1948, the founder was legendary Honda Soichiro. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, the total number of employees up to 180,000 people. Now, Honda is a multinational car, motorcycle production and sales group. Its products in addition to motor vehicles, as well as generators, agricultural machinery and other power machinery products.

Honda's operating methods are very flexible. The Honda Branch, established in the United States, has sold more than Chrysler's third in the U.S. market in 1991. Honda's accord and civic car have been rated by users as the best and most popular cars in years. In Europe, Honda also established a branch in the UK. Honda has produced as much as 3 million cars.

Honda in 1948 to produce bicycle booster engine started Honda, has been "dream" as the driving force, in the form of "goods" to continue to provide a broader mobile culture for individuals and society. "Respecting individuality" and attaching importance to the concept of individual individuality, Honda has formed a company culture that advocates creativity and freedom. Now, Honda has developed from a small General Motors, scooters and even sports cars and other fields have a unique technology, and constantly research and development, production of new products enterprises.

From the beginning of the venture, Honda has been the spirit of "let customers around the world satisfaction" concept to constantly open up their careers.

The purpose of "how to satisfy local customers", not only set up a vast sales and service network to provide local goods and services, but also set up a system for producing and developing new products locally.

At present, in addition to Japan, Honda has more than 120 production bases in 29 countries around the world, through motorcycles, automobiles and general products, the annual patronage of more than 17 million customers.

At the same time, Honda is also actively fulfilling its social obligations as a corporate citizen and actively exploring environmental protection and safety solutions.

In the increasingly prominent global environmental issues today, Honda in product research and development, production and sales of various enterprise activities to solve air pollution, reduce CO2 emissions, effective use of resources and energy as a topic, in order to achieve product emissions clean, reduce fuel consumption, realize the production line of "Green factory" A series of measures have been taken to make a positive contribution to reducing the impact on the Earth's environment. As a manufacturer of mobile culture, Honda is not only considering the safety of pedestrians, but also the production of higher safety products. At the same time, actively participate in safe driving activities such as the popularization of various activities to solve the traffic system problems, in order to build a more rich mobile cultural society and make unremitting efforts.

The Honda Institute of Technology is a leader in the automotive industry of Japan and the world today. In the Japanese business community, Honda is synonymous with technology and vigor, and is also a very desirable employment target for Japanese college graduates.