Honda Green Positive Circulation

  Honda green "positive circulation"

  The vast majority of car energy consumption and emissions occurred in the use of links, for which, Guangzhou Automobile Honda has been the product of energy conservation and environmental protection in the first place. In order to continue to provide customers with the least carbon dioxide emissions of products, Guangzhou Automobile Honda has been continuing to enhance the existing product fuel economy and clean emissions performance.

  In the recently released national energy-saving car promotion directory, Honda a total of six products shortlisted, became the most selected Japanese car companies. On this basis, Honda also proposed to gradually put the existing emission performance in the sale of goods from the "country Ⅳ" to "national Ⅴ" standard.

  On the other hand, Honda is also planning to import more environmentally friendly models. According to reports, Honda's joint venture has negotiated the introduction of Honda CR-Z and Insight two hybrid cars in one. And will be listed in 2011, Guangzhou Automobile Honda own brand concept, will also continue Honda environmental protection and energy saving product features.

  Honda will also extend this green to the entire industry chain. On the one hand, vigorously promote green procurement, through communication with suppliers, requiring them to reduce parts and materials in the use of toxic chemicals, and require suppliers to import ISO14001 environmental management system to promote the logistics provider to achieve green distribution. On the other hand, it is also vigorously promoting the green special shop project, the goal is that by the end of this year, 30% of the special shops through the green certification, by 2015, all certified.

  "The whole sewage zero discharge system we invested more than 3,000 million, each year there are millions of maintenance costs", "spread to each car which has at least 60 yuan, simply from the profit point of view certainly not worth "Yao Yiming said.

  But on the other hand, this in turn promotes the improvement of Honda's efficiency. In order to digest the cost of this, Honda must improve the efficiency of the way to make up, which in turn further increased Honda's energy-saving emission reduction in the power to promote the Honda's green work to "positive cycle."

  According to statistics, in the first year of the plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, Honda in more than 170 energy-saving emission reduction projects, the savings on energy costs tens of millions of dollars. It is this virtuous circle, so that "green" has become a voluntary domestic Guangzhou Honda voluntary driving force.