Yamaha Main Cause

  Yamaha Main cause

  Motorcycle Business: Motorcycle as a daily life in the transportation, leisure sports, sports and so widely favored in the world, so the cause of motorcycles in the company has been in the core cause of the status. Like the North American cruiser, the European Rangers, the Super Sport motorcycle project, the Oceania cross-country movement and so on, the motorcycle has formed the deep-rooted lineup in each market domain.

  Commuter Moto Business:

  Office transport in Asia, South America, Europe and other places, as a daily travel tools and the distribution, handling and other business widely used, has become closely related to people's lives products. In today's modern society, where energy problems and traffic jams are put on the agenda, the flexibility, energy-saving and space-saving characteristics of motorcycles are getting more and more attention.

  Marine Engine Business:

  Yamaha Marine Engine division of the original main outboard machine production, outboard machine is Yamaha's third use of small motorcycle engine technology product line. The first product of the division was a 7-horsepower outboard machine, which was quickly marketed to the market after its compact design and excellent durability in 1960. The marine diesel engine developed thereafter is a reliable and efficient power device dedicated to fishing vessels below 3 tonnes, designed to promote the development of coastal fisheries.

  PAS career:

  The purpose of the Yamaha PAS division is to develop the original personal transport of bicycles as an efficient means of transport to meet the needs of the contemporary social problems that began in the in the 1980 of the 20th century, including energy and environmental protection, severe traffic congestion and social aging. Pas electric bicycle is Yamaha 10 years of unremitting efforts, meticulous research and development results.

  Water Environmental Cause:

  Production and sale of high-quality purification filter filter and household water purifier.